Thoreau Chapter

Thoreau Chapter

Hours:   Mon-Fri   8:00 am – 5:00 pm    Closed for lunch   12:00pm – 1:00 pm,  Closed on Holidays 

Our Story

The town started its life as an Army base, according to Radosevich. It was originally known as “Mitchell,” after the base’s barber, and later “Theroux,” after its paymaster. Somehow the spelling got changed to “Thoreau,” but anyone who pronounces it “Thor-OH,” as in Henry David, has instantly branded himself an outsider. It’s “Thor-OO.” From Navajo Times.

Announcements and News

Chapter Meeting. December, 12th 10AM.

Please be informed that covid-19 precautions still must be taken.

-Mask must be worn, social distancing is required.

Dial 1-402-704-6721

PIN- 912 193 558#


Please be informed that COVID-19 precaution still must be taken. We are mandated to follow the NN HCOC and the CDC guidelines.

>>Strict on-site quorum of 3-5. >>Masks must be worn             >>Social Distancing is required

Join by phone Dial: 1-475-299-8985 PIN: 253 305 069#      


Valerie Arviso – President 


Herman Yellowhorse – Vice-President


Judy K. Platero – Secretary-Treasurer


Kevin Long – Land Board

Edmund Yazzie – Council Delegate


Vivinita Bennett – CSC

Olivia Anderson – AMS

Pamela Borja – Community Health Worker


Phone: 505-786-2196

Health Tips and COVID-19 Tips

During this COVID pandemic it is important to keep a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. So here are some tips to help you keep your immune system in tip top shape.

– Eat a healthy diet, more vegtables and friuts. You can also eat vitamin in substatute for the fruits and vegtables.

– Have a workout routine. keeping a workout routine can be benifitcal to your health and to keep a healthy immune system, even doing 10 pushups a day can be benifitcal.